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Default Re: Reliability/Confidence of One Shot Components in a System

Originally Posted by avanti View Post
I have three one-shot components that are assembled together to form a system. Each component was tested with no-failures.
Test quantities and reliability (from beta equation R=(1-c)^(1/n) where c = confidence level (CL)) are:
Component 1: 50 tests R1 = .955 at 90% CL
Component 2: 60 tests R2 = .962 at 90% CL
Component 3: 27 tests R2= .918 at 90% CL
How do I calculate the system reliability for a 90% confidence level taking into account the different test quantities (I understand that the product of R1, R2, R3 will be underestimate the system reliability)?
Here is some additional info re my question:
The components cited above are dependent.
Comp1 must function before compt 2 can function, and comp 2 must function before comp 3 can function.
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